Tortoises and Hares – De-risking Strategies Towards Multiplexed Candidates

A company’s product portfolio should tell the story about how well leadership understands its value proposition and has set about de-risking what may be transformative but as yet unproven technology.  The need to systemically de-risk becomes particularly pressing when building upon validated approaches with unique or multiplexed engineering of cell therapy candidates.  Advancing through a series of increasingly sophisticated clinical candidates can be done too slowly or too quickly, and the markets make their determination only with the benefit of hindsight. Regardless, R&D must be informed by a forward-looking positioning strategy, and we will discuss some of the key considerations to adopt and pitfalls to avoid when advancing novel engineering components or combinations thereof.


  • Michael C. Rice, MS, MBA, VP, Head of Advanced Therapeutics and Rare Disease, Commercial BioConsulting, Lumanity


  • Gregory Block, PhD, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Notch Therapeutics
  • Eliot Bourk, PhD, VP, Head of Business & Corporate Development, Chimeric Therapeutics
  • David C. White, PhD, CEO, Modulari-T Biosciences
  • Paul D. Rennert, President & CSO, Aleta Biotherapeutics
  • Bob Valamehr, PhD, Chief R&D Officer, Fate Therapeutics