The Latest Potential “Paradigm-Shifters”

Innovation is not lacking among oncology biotechs. And, by and large, nor has access to potential capital been so much of an issue (at least until recently). But there is a significant gulf between the biologic and platform innovations and the prosecution of such novel programs through the clinic and into the hands of Oncologists and into patients who so desperately need them. This can start with how best to tell the story of the value proposition and the “so what” to rise above the noise and enable initial funding, to smart clinical development strategy to even provisionally outline a path to value inflection and to proof of relevance if not to the market. This session will explore the lessons learned from a diverse set mostly early-ish stage biotechs as they have navigated the investing, partnering and clinical trial waters to advance their exciting agents and platforms forward.


  • Jeffrey M. Bockman, PhD, EVP, Head of Oncology, Commercial BioConsulting, Lumanity


  • Jacob Becraft, PhD, CEO, Strand Therapeutics Inc.
  • Livija Deban, PhD, CSO, Prokarium
  • Leonard A. Farber, MD, Chief Clinical and Medical Affairs Officer, Nanobiotix
  • Axel Hoos, MD, PhD, CEO, Scorpion Therapeutics
  • Dora Mitchell, PhD, Vice President, Operations, Interius Biotherapeutics
  • Peter Smith, PhD, CEO, MyriO Therapeutics
  • Dave Altreuter, PhD, CTO, hC Bioscience
  • Nicholas A. Boyle, PhD, CEO, Abintus Bio, Inc,