“Next-Wave Anti-Cancer Therapies: Part 2” by Lumanity BioConsulting’s Jeff Bockman and Joel Sandler

Next Wave Anti-Cancer Therapies: Part 2

Authored by:

  • Jeff Bockman, PhD, EVP, Commercial BioConsulting, Lumanity

  • Joel Sandler, PhD, Principal, Cancer Cell Therapy Lead, Commercial BioConsulting, Lumanity

From the Whitepaper:

We have set out to release a serialized sequence of contributions “in which we discuss next-wave biologics (proteins, cell therapies) and associated platform technologies including diagnostics that collectively appear poised to upend our entire approach to the management of cancer…[We are] informed both by our understanding of emerging technologies and firsthand discussions with many of the leading innovator companies…the likes of Tidal/Sanofi, Aleta, Obsidian, Abintus, Spotlight, Strand, and Xyphos/Astellas. We’ve spoken with them all, and while each offers a unique vision of the future, common themes are beginning to emerge…”


2022 Cancer Progress Panel Spotlight:
The Latest Potential “Paradigm-Shifters”


There is a significant gulf between the biologic and platform innovations and the prosecution of such novel programs through the clinic and into the hands of Oncologists and into patients who so desperately need them. This session will explore the lessons learned from a diverse set mostly early-ish stage biotechs as they have navigated the investing, partnering and clinical trial waters to advance their exciting agents and platforms forward.


  • Jeff Bockman, PhD, EVP, Commercial BioConsulting, Lumanity



Lumanity brings together diverse perspectives and unique clinical, scientific, and functional expertise to uncover innovative, yet pragmatic approaches to address the complex set of challenges on the path to market.

We apply incisive thinking and decisive action to cut through complex situations and deliver transformative outcomes to accelerate and optimize access to medical advances. We partner with life science companies around the world to: define the opportunity and value proposition and generate the evidence needed to demonstrate the value of their products and bring them to patients at a price reflective of that value; translate science and data into compelling product narratives that are relevant to stakeholders around the world; and enable commercial decisions that will position these products for success in the market.

Lumanity does more than guide your development and commercial strategy; we uncover real-world insights that go beyond the ‘what’ to understand the ‘why’, providing pharmaceutical and biotech companies with robust development and commercial strategies they can be confident in across the lifecycle: from innovation through development to commercialization and beyond.

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