Multifunctional Soluble Biologics: Binders, Binders Everywhere

As a therapeutic class, soluble biologics continue to represent a significant area of pipeline activity and innovation, particularly in immunooncology. Improvements in screening tools and protein engineering enables identification of novel targets and optimal binders with superior reactivity, fine-tuning of affinity and avidity, also introduces approaches to design therapies with multiple functionalities beyond the limitations of natural monoclonal antibodies. For this panel discussion, we would like to consider the unique offerings of multi-targeted biologics and think through development hurdles. We will also reflect on how to meaningfully differentiate and inflect value across key stakeholders. What are key unmet needs in immunooncology that multi-functional biologics can potentially address? Are there specific targets or combinations that are especially well-suited for multi-functional soluble biologics to pursue? What are key strategies to improve on toxicities and broaden application into solid tumors? What are key learnings from recent challenges to advance other multi-functional antibodies in the clinic?

Moderator: James T. Lee, PhD, Principal, Oncology Lead, and Serom Lee, PhD, Consultant, Cello Health BioConsulting


  • Philip Bland-Ward, PhD, Chief Development Officer, Crescendo Biologics Ltd
  • Björn Frendéus, CSO, BioInvent International AB
  • Louis Kayitalire, MD, CMO, F-star Therapeutics
  • Valerie Odegard, PhD, CSO, Silverback Therapeutics
  • Taylor H. Schreiber, MD, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder, Shattuck Labs, Inc