Into the Unknown – Bringing New Modalities into Solid Tumors

Continuing to build upon the discussion initiated by our Keynote Address from Dr. Shivani, this panel will explore considerations with respect to positioning of cell-based and other emerging immunotherapy platforms in solid tumors, an endeavor that generally presents a combination of commercial opportunity and clinical risk.  Topics to be addressed by this panel include the current state of play, alignment of science with evolving unmet needs, and perceived paths towards value inflection within different solid tumor markets.


  • Joel Sandler, PhD, Principal, Cancer Cell Therapy Practice Lead, Commercial BioConsulting, Lumanity


  • Andrew Allen, MD, PhD, President & CEO, Gritstone Bio
  • Mark Berger, MD, CMO, Genprex Inc.
  • Frank Borriello, MD, PhD, Scientific Founder & CEO, Alloplex Biotherapeutics Inc.
  • Shivani Srivastava PhD, Assistant Professor Human Biology Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • Sabrina Kuttruff-Coqui, PhD, VP Business Planning & Portfolio Strategy, Immatics
  • Tom Wilton, CBO, Carisma Therapeutics Inc.