How to Catch and Treat Cancer Early

Sequential liquid biopsies are transforming cancer care and management (Turner: “The future of liquid biopsy” The Lancet Oncology, 2020).

However, the challenges of implementing liquid biopsies as a tool for early detection were elegantly described in Swanton’s Nature Reviews of Oncology, 2018:  “Early stage NSCLC – challenges to implementing ctDNA-based screening and MRD detection” This panel will update current progress on “the holy grail”: an annual affordable test to detect cancer at its earliest stages as part of an annual physical examination. The next obvious challenge will be administration of therapies to treat (and hopefully destroy) malignant subclones before the cancer is detected by current conventional methods.


  • Brian Leyland Jones, MB BS, PhD, CMO, National Foundation for Cancer Research


  • Peter Bach, MD, CMO, Delfi Diagnostics
  • Kapil Dhingra, MB, BS, Managing Member, KAPital Consulting LLC
  • Colin Hill, CEO and Co-Founder, GNS Healthcare
  • Christoph Lengauer, PhD, MBA, Partner, Third Rock Ventures; Thrive/Exact Sciences
  • John Sninsky, UCSF Clinical & Translational Science Institute, Catalyst Advisor, Diagnostics, CSO, CareDx