Cancer Progress 2011

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Cancer Progress 2011 Slides
March 8-9, 2011
The Westin New York at Times Squere

Steven D. Averbuch MD, VP, Early Global Clinical Research Oncology & Head, Pharmacodiagnostics Bristol-Myers Squibb

Oncology Market Overview: Barriers, Challenges and Value
Bill Bagwell, RPh, Senior Vice President, Clinical and Scientific Assessment, Kantar Health & Rhoda Dunn, Account Director, Market Access, Kantar Health

Challenges for use of CTCs as a Diagnostic
Farideh Z. Bischoff, Ph.D., Interim CSO, Sr. Director, Translational Clinical Development Biocept, Inc.

Multi-Targeting to Potentiate Immunotherapy
Thomas Davis, MD, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer,  Celldex

BRAF inhibitors
Keith T. Flaherty, MD, Director, Developmental Therapeutics, Massachusetts General Hospital

New Targets Session 1 -An Update on PI3K, MEK, mTOR
Levi Garraway, MD, PhD, Associate Member, The Broad Institute (Melanoma)

Synthetic Lethality As A Strategy To Improve Molecularly Targeted Therapy
Erica Golemis, PhD, Professor, Deputy Chief Scientific Officer & Vice President, Co-Leader, Developmental Therapeutics, Co-Leader, Head and Neck Cancer Keystone, Director, High Throughput Screening and Translational Research Facility, Fox Chase Cancer Center

T-DM1 Breast Cancer
Ellie Guardino, MD, PhD, Medical Director, T-DM1, Genentech

Immunotherapy Targeting MUC1
Robert Kirkman, MD, President & CEO, Oncothyreon

Molecular Profiling, Prognostic and Predictive BioMarker and Genomic Strategies for Rational Combination of Targeted Therapies
Brian Leyland-Jones, MD, PhD, Emory University

Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer
Graham Lidgard, PhD, CSO, Exact Sciences

Endpoints to Evaluate Cancer Vaccines
H. Kim Lyerly, MD, Director, Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center , George Barth Geller Professor of Cancer Research, Duke University

New Targets Session 2
Ivor Royston , MD , Managing Member, Forward Ventures

Getting to proof-of-concept: novel strategies for phase II development
Christopher Slapak, MD, Distinguished Lilly Scholar – Oncology Business Unit – Exploratory/Pre-Clinical, Eli Lilly

Rapid Approval of New Medicines and Combos in Oncology
Jamey Skillings, MD, MSc, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Pfizer

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